Before We Say “Goodnight”

How to tell bedtime stories about your life and family

(available in paperback and ebook)

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Would you like to build a deeper relationship with your kids?

Before We Say “Goodnight” will show you how to captivate your child’s imagination with a subject they literally can’t get enough of–you. In this book, you’ll discover an easy-to-learn three-step method for turning your life experiences, and those of your family, into great bedtime stories, all without notes or memorization. Best of all, you’ll make bedtime one of the happiest parts of the day.

Nearly all parents genuinely want a deeper relationship with their children. But with the demands of work, sports, homework and other activities, it’s sometimes hard to find the time just to be together with your child.

Before We Say “Goodnight” shows you a world where time stands still for you and your kids. You don’t need to be a great speaker, prepare in advance or memorize anything–you just need to be you and tell your story.

In Before We Say “Goodnight,” you’ll learn how to tell bedtime stories to your children that they will love, not one long and boring story, but rather individual stories of your life and family experiences, one night at a time. You will never run out of material or stories to tell, and you can start tonight.

Time is moving on and so will they. Now is the time to deepen your relationship with your children, create memories and enjoy a family tradition that will last a lifetime. Opportunity lies before you.

What Others Are Saying: Most Helpful Customer Reviews from Amazon

The Comfort of Storytelling

In this beautifully presented little book, Frazee brings you back to your childhood memories of a relative who took the time to read stories and inspires and challenges parents and friends to do the same for young minds hungry for meaning. The book is filled with practical tips on storytelling as well as anecdotes illustrating that the world, indeed, “is made of stories, not of atoms,” as Muriel Rukeyser said. Indeed, this book proves that we can change the world through stories.

By Dr.

Beautiful Read for the Entire Family

Mr. Frazee relates his childhood experiences in an inspirational and innovative manner, bringing joy and tears to the reader. My children love to hear these stories and identify with the writer as I do. Books like this one need to be applauded and honored. What an amazing way to let future generations know of our life experiences. You’ll be glad for bringing this joyful and worthy read home.

By Monica Navarro

Build Unbreakable Bonds with the Ones You Love

In adulthood, it’s common to hear people lament that they feel disconnected from the people they should feel closest to. They don’t know their relatives, and they feel their relatives don’t know them. Modern life and busy schedules often conspire to rob us of opportunities to build closeness with our loved ones and steal time from sharing our personal stories with each other. Here’s a clear and concise guidebook to giving priceless gifts to our loved ones: our personal stories of and about our family history and ourselves. Before We Say “Goodnight” provides the key to open the lock on building unbreakable bonds with the most important people in our lives. Tim Rogan, TV producer


A Gift of Love

Before We Say “Goodnight” is a fabulous book. Mr. Frazee teaches you how to create your own stories. I used to read to my children every night when they were little but did not know how to create my own story. This book has taught me how to turn my memories into stories. My grandchildren love to hear my stories and are always asking for another one. I love sharing special memories, laughter and love with my babies. I highly recommend everyone buy this book. Thank you, Mr. Frazee, for creating this book.

By Angelic P Sawyers Romero

Fun Easy Read

I highly recommend this book. It is a great way for you to connect with your own child or any child in your life. It’s a great way to share your family history one story at a time. A fun opportunity to connect your past with the present generation. It’s also a way for you to search your own memory bank and relive some of your fondest memories.

By E. W.

Fantastic Read for Parents and Children

Great read with a lot of insight for me to bond closer with my kids. Taping into my memory bank and telling my experiences in story format is fun. My wife and I find it very rewarding reliving bits of our past and passing them along to the kids. Highly recommended.

By Scott McNatt

Family Values

An easy to read, fabulous primer for parents who want to connect with their children and build foundations for communication later. Hank Frazee has a great approach to interweaving core family values with practical advice about not just storytelling, but raising children who look to their parents with respect and open ears.

By Laura H.

Building Lasting Memories for Generations to Come

I have always loved hearing stories about my parents growing up or something about my Grandmother or Aunt. Hank Frazee shows us in Before We Say “Goodnight” how easy it is to become a great story teller by simply tapping into our own stories. Our kids want to hear these stories. This book has been a true gift for my family.

By Maureen Garrelts

Hank Frazee Book is an Excellent Read

“Hank Frazee’s book is an excellent read. It’ entertaining and also educational at the same time. The book promotes parent-child interaction through telling life stories together.”

By Rozalind Kolve

An Excellent Book to Own Forever

“Before We Say “Goodnight” is a unique book, as I have never seen before. For years, parents have read the same traditional bedtime stories to their children, which can become boring because children already know the endings. This book offers a new technique to focus and capture your children’s interests, by telling them memorable stories about their parents and relatives–stories they will love and look forward to each night in order to hear the continuing saga of their parent’s adventures. This book is a great investment and encourages raising your children with good morals beliefs.”

By Todd Tanzi

Great Book For Sharing Your Legacy

“Easy read with everything you need to tell your life story in a fun, memorable and loving time that builds deep relationships with your children and grandchildren.”

By Matt Davis

Leaving a Legacy of Memories

“What better way to transmit your life experiences, values and heritage than to tell bedtime stories to your children or in my case, grandchildren? At bedtime, you typically have their one-on-one full attention and focus, making it the best time to share about your life and family. I want my grandchildren to know about their family history, and so I tell them stories about my grandparents and the world they grew up in. I only wish that my parents and grandparents did that for me.”

By Barbara

Fun Book!, June 11, 2014

“I loved reading this book to my little brother. We both love the stories, and we wish there were more books like this.”

By Casey


“My children and I absolutely loved this book! We have read it over and over. Can’t wait for the next one!”

By Jim Bridger