The Big Three Profile

Would you like a way to be introduced to your very best clients, often without even asking to be referred?

This is it…

The documents on this page are from my book Referral Upgrade: A New Way to Find Your Very Best Clients and are used in the Big Three Interview process described in the book. The intention is for you to answer these questions first, for yourself, to clarify your own vision of your best life going forward and to identify your Big Three: your very best clients, referrers and opportunities. Once you know who your Big Three are, and have a document to share with others, you will be well prepared to conduct the Big Three Interview with your very best clients and potential referral sources. When you conduct that interview you will see, and feel, magic happen and will never go back to the old “standby” method of asking for referrals.

Note that there are two download choices below. The first is for those who have already read the book and have it for reference and just want to download The Big Three Profile. You will see that it is purposely in word doc form so that you can modify it to suit your own business. It has way more questions than I would ask in an interview but I’ve include plenty so that you can choose the questions you want, and add your own too. I generally don’t ask more that ten questions but I have more than that in the profile so that I can chose which ones I want to ask depending on how the interview is going.

The Big Three Profile

The second download choice is for those who have not yet read the book but would like to try out the idea. I encourage you to read the book to gain a full understanding of the method but I have included a tutorial with this download so you can prepare your own Big Three Profile and conduct interviews as well with your Big Three.

The Big Three Profile with Tutorial

The purpose of filling out your own Big Three Profile is two-fold. You want to get as clear as possible about your vision of your best life going forward and who your Big Three are. Clarity on these two points will help you get where you want to go. And having this document to share with those who might refer you or do business with you will help them to do so. Also by completing your own Big Three Profile you will be better prepared to interview others to help them meet their Big Three and realize their vision of their best life going forward. And that will lead them to introducing you to your Big Three and helping you realize your vision of your best life going forward.

To truly master this method, read Referral Upgrade: A New Way to Find Your Very Best Clients and my best wishes to you and to those whose dreams you help realize.

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