Exponential Opportunity

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“Your big opportunity may be right where you are.”
Napoleon Hill

“Would you like a part-time job making a million dollars a year?”

This is one of my favorite questions to ask rainmakers. They almost always think I am joking. When I say I am serious, they want to know how this could be true. It is true, and let me tell you how it works.

Years ago, I realized that there were people in my line of work who were so good at what they do that I would never catch up to their level of expertise.

I call this group Subject Matter Experts (SME’s). They are the best in the country in their area of expertise, but they generally want or need more distribution, that is, more customers. So I partnered with them and focused on introducing them to their very best client types.

I love introducing people who I sense will enjoy meeting each other and could benefit from the introduction. I especially enjoy introducing people who can help each other realize their dreams. Gradually, I realized that I knew many rainmakers who were connected to the very best customer types that my subject matter experts wanted to meet.

So, what happens when you put a subject matter expert (SME) together with a rainmaker and his friend or business associate, who also happens to be the very best client type of the subject matter expert?

You are able to bring the very best resource in the country in his area of expertise to your very best contacts, which yields extraordinary benefits to the customer. Together, this creates something bigger and exponentially better than either of them could achieve on their own.

This is how I spend my time. I am a Subject Matter Expert in connecting the right people for the benefit of the customer, the subject matter expert and the rainmakers. If you are a rainmaker or a subject matter expert, we should talk. Who knows what wonderful results will come about from that simple conversation?

See my posts on “Subject Matter Experts” and “Rainmakers” under the Archive tab at HankFrazee.com. My book Referral Upgrade: A New Way to Find Your Very Best Clients is also a great resource on this subject.


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One thought on “Exponential Opportunity

  1. So very true… and no matter which gear in the system you are, be happy with who and what you have become! The other gears are out there and you probably know them!