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Okay, so what is an SME or Subject Matter Expert in the context of getting referred to your Big Three- your very best clients, referrers, and opportunities? I don’t even mention SMEs in my book Referral Upgrade: A New Way to Find Your Very Best Clients. Well as you know I keep learning and you can’t fit everything you know into one book.

Gradually over many years I’ve realized that there are a lot of people that know a whole lot more than I do in various areas that are of value to my Big Three. They are Subject Matter Experts. But there is an even higher category of SMEs.

I am talking about people or businesses that are national caliber experts in their field. These people, or businesses, are the best in the US, and often the world, at what they do. There are hundreds or even thousands of them out there. And yet they are often missing an essential ingredient to take their success to a higher level. That ingredient is distribution. They need to meet more of their very best clients and guess who knows those clients?

You do.

I work with SMEs all the time, in fact that is most of my work. I work with SMEs in categories that appeal to my very best clients and referrers and get paid for doing so. So can you.

Stay with me. If you take a good look at your very best clients and referrers you are offering them maybe 20% of what they need in a very narrow niche, your current business. Don’t they also need other products and services? And if you have clients who need national caliber expertise, wouldn’t it make sense to introduce them to SMEs who are the very best at the category your clients or referrers need?

That is truly my business, since I am an SME at connecting the right people to the right people. To be more specific, I introduce clients and rainmakers and SMEs to each other because they need and want to meet each other.

So let’s come back to the national caliber experts in need of distribution. Aren’t your very best clients and referrers also in need of national caliber experts? Introduce them to each other. I do this every day; this is joint-work on the highest level.

I do joint-work with SMEs looking for clients, and rainmakers looking for SMEs. You can too.

What is a rainmaker you might ask? A rainmaker is a person who sees the exponential value for all concerned by connecting the right people with the right people. I am a rainmaker. Perhaps you are too or you may be an SME in need of more distribution.

You can see that by thinking through who your Big Three are (see my post: The Big Three) and interviewing your clients and referrers using The Big Three Profile you can put together an extraordinary team that benefits everyone.

Do joint work with national caliber SMEs and you and your Big Three will see your success skyrocket.

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