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“The only difference between big and small is the size.”
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Chances are you are reading this blog because you would like to find more of your very best clients, referrers, and opportunities. And the best way to meet them is through the good will and introductions of other people. Yet if we don’t know specifically whom we want to meet, how can we expect our clients and referral sources to know?

It’s fine if your idea of your Big Three is a bit vague right now. You may not have considered the questions in the Big Three Profile available as a free download on this page, and how they relate to your vision of your best life going forward, but they are questions worth knowing the answer to.

Most of us ask to be referred to, well, anyone. But you don’t want to be referred to just anyone. You want to be referred to your best possible clients and referral sources. You might be more specific and ask, “Whom do you know that I can help in this kind of work?” It’s likely that even then you will get a pretty vague answer. You are asking your client to determine who is a good match for your product or service without clear direction from you. You have to fill out your own Big Three Profile so that you and your potential referrers will know exactly who you want to meet.

You want your potential referrer to know who your ideal client is and precisely how your product or service can benefit him or her. And you want to know the same information about the person you are interviewing. And only he or she can answer the question, “Whom do I want to work with, who are my best referral sources, and what are my best opportunities?” It is highly probable he or she will not have given this much thought either, until you ask him or her. Let’s consider the Big Three one at a time.

Take time to complete your own Big Three profile now, and you will be well prepared to interview your best clients and referrers. Your chance of meeting them will skyrocket because when you know specifically whom and what you’re looking for you become a magnet for them.

By taking the time to complete the profile, I refined my vision when I began to think in terms of my Big Three. I wanted to work not only with people whom I liked, trusted, and respected, but also with those who charged my batteries and could help me advance my vision of my best life going forward. My intention is to teach you how to do this for yourself and for others in order to help them, refer them, and be referred by them.

We all share this in common about our vision. Either we want to do what we are presently doing better, or we want to do something else entirely. Or perhaps it’s somewhere in between. Whatever it is that motivates us, improving what we are currently doing will get us to our goal sooner. The most efficient way to enhance our current business is to meet more of our very best clients and referrers.

As you complete your own profile, begin with your vision and identify your Big Three with that vision in mind. When you have done this for yourself, you will be able to do this for others, and you will move towards your dream by helping them achieve theirs.

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    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your comment and support! It’s funny as I write these posts it reminds me of these things too.