The Big Three Interview – Part I

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is intervied by Charlie Rose


“As we look ahead into the next century,
leaders will be those who empower others.”
Bill Gates

 Would you like to be referred to your very best clients, over and over again? The best possible way to do that is to introduce others to their very best clients. Conduct the Big Three interview with your prospects, and you will learn where they want to go and who can help them get there. To get started, please see the free download of The Big Three Profile at

Begin by scheduling an appointment with someone you think you can introduce to his very best clients.  Let’s assume the appointment is with someone you know fairly well. The purpose of this appointment is for you to refer this person to one of his Big Three– his very best clients, referrers, or opportunities. (In interest of simplicity, masculine and feminine pronouns are used interchangeability throughout my posts.)

Now, you may be thinking that you don’t know who his Big Three are, so how can you possibly refer him? And even if you did know who his Big Three are, which you may not, how are you going to introduce him to them? Let’s take this step by step. By the end of the interview, you will know who his Big Three are. And it is likely you will be able to refer him because you either know someone he would like to meet, or you know someone else who does. See my book Referral Upgrade on the subject of joint work for more on this point.

Begin your interview with a brief reminder of why you are there, namely, that you would like to interview him because you think you might be able to refer him. Give him a copy of your Big Three Profile as an example. This is a crucial step because providing him with the example of your profile will make it much easier for him to complete his own. (Filling out your own Big Three Profile will not only allow you to easily identify who you would like to meet, but will also allow you to communicate that information clearly and permanently to a potential referral source.)

This is what I say in my Big Three interviews. “Bill, I mentioned that I might be able to refer you. I’d like to interview you to determine whom you would like to meet specifically and by category. When we’re done, we’ll have created your Big Three Profile, which I can use on an ongoing basis to more easily introduce you to your very best clients, referral sources, and opportunities, what I call your Big Three. This can become a good tool for you to use as well to find your Big Three. You can share your profile with as many people as you would like who also may be able to introduce you.”

Next proceed with the interview using the free download of The Big Three Profile at

Once you have completed the interview, you will know what his vision of his best life going forward is. You will also have a good idea of whom you can introduce him to to help him get there. It has been my experience that doing this for others has led to many introductions from them to my own Big Three.

Want bigger and better referrals? Do the Big Three interview with your best clients and potential referral sources.

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