The Original Treehouse

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5 thoughts on “The Original Treehouse

  1. Hi
    I never saw this or knew about it. Pretty awesome looking. Never heard there was another one that caught fire. I’m wondering why I was not up there as much as you were. I probably was in summer school? Or maybe they liked you better.
    Love you Hank
    Mary Ellen

  2. Very cool! I too have fond memories of building forts as a youngster. We moved into a new neighborhood with new housing so there was a lot to choose from in the construction scrap piles. The kids on the next street over also built their own forts. At some point it turned into a competition, which led to the formation of clubs (kinda like gangs – only non-violent) so this required entry challenges. My sister appointed herself as the leader and made up the challenges. Fun times!

    A tree house, a free house,
    Dear Hank, What a great memory you have of a child. I was inspired to share Shel Silverstein’s book Where the Sidewalk Ends was one of the go to’s I would read to my daughters before bedtime.
    Below is the Tree House poem from Silverstein’s .
    A secret you and me house,
    A high up in the leafy branches
    Cozy as can be house.
    A street house, a neat house,
    Be sure to wipe your feet house
    Is not my kind of house at all-
    Let’s go live in a tree house.”
    ― Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends