The Screen Tests – Part III

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“The eye sees only what the mind is ready to comprehend.”
Roberstson Davies

The Screen Tests described in these three successive posts illustrate an easy way to help you identify the very best people and opportunities for you.

The Access-to-Opportunity Test
How would you like to greatly expand your chances of being referred every day to your Big Three–your very best clients, referrers, and opportunities? So far, we’ve identified having a giving mindset, conducting interviews, and introducing others to their Big Three as the primary steps towards you meeting your very best clients. There is another way to daily deepen your connection to your Big Three.

One of my mentors, Denis Mullane, said to me years ago, “By and large, the people we do business with will be a cross-section of those we spend our time with.” So if your Big Three spend their time together in certain groups and you join those groups, won’t you do more business with them?

Some years ago, my wife and I attended a charity dinner and were seated at the table of a new friend. Our table happened to be near a walkway where dinner guests passed by throughout the evening. It just so happened that I knew many of those passing by, and we greeted each other as they did so.

Quite out of the blue, my new friend suggested that I would make a great addition to an exclusive business group he belonged to and offered to propose me for membership. Though flattered, I just laughed it off. The next day, I mentioned the conversation to my friend Mike Whitmore. He quickly recognized it as a big opportunity and suggested that I give it some thought.

As the idea grew on me, I decided to ask another good friend and mentor, Bill Hawkins, what he thought of it. He responded, “Well, let me see, I think I would make that my number one, two and three priority.”

You can build your own perpetual connectivity machine with a little thought and a plan. Look for an environment where your Big Three work, play, learn, or give in abundance. The opportunities that flow from that will take you in the right direction while you are doing something you love.

Initially, I laughed off the idea of joining the business group when my friend suggested it. Looking back, however, joining that group was a major turning point in my career. One of the quickest ways to the life of your dreams is to make the most of today’s opportunities.

Opportunities come in every shape and size. What are some of your opportunities that could lead to more of your very best clients?

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