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The purpose of this blog is to share ideas with you about how you can live your vision of your best life going forward, by helping others live theirs, in business and personally. This is what I want to do for myself, my family and friends, customers and readers. I think this is what most people who are living intentionally want to do.

Why a blog rather than a website? Because I want to hear your ideas on this subject too. I am sure other readers would like to hear your ideas too. Some of the best content on blogs comes from the people reading them.

This blog was really born out of writing my new book, Referral Upgrade: A New Way to Find Your Very Best Clients. This extraordinary method of meeting the clients of your dreams really works and it can work for you too. I was sound asleep when a thought popped into my mind, “What if I just focused on referring them?”

I knew what that question meant as I had spent my professional career “asking” for referrals. So I decided to conduct an experiment in my next ten interviews. I focused solely on two things: what was my interviewee’s idea of their best life going forward, and who I might introduce them to that could help them get there.

I very much wanted to help them to move forward towards their dreams.

In those interviews, I said little about myself or my product and stayed in the interview mode. In all ten interviews I was referred, without asking, to my very best types of clients. And I have never gone back to the old “Standby” method of asking for referrals. Here is what I learned:

I have a vision of my best life going forward.

 My mission is to get there by helping other people reach their vision of their best life going forward by introducing them to people and ideas that can help them get there.

I get a great sense of purpose and meaning by living my professional and personal life in this way.

This blog is about Vision and Mission and Purpose. If you have big dreams and purpose and meaning are important to you, then you will enjoy this blog and I encourage you to comment.

What are your dreams?

I’ve notice that the fastest and most fulfilling way to get there is by helping others achieve theirs.
Looking forward to talking with you.


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