Referral Upgrade

A New Way to Find Your Very Best Clients

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Hank Frazee, one of the top salespeople in the world provides proven and immediately applicable advice on how to find and meet your very best clients:

You have probably noticed, as I have, that asking for referrals is not only awkward but generally nonproductive as well. If you’re lucky enough to receive a referral, it can be somewhat random, what I call a “Standby” referral, to someone who is not a particularly good fit for you or vice versa.

We come up empty more times than not using what the standby method. Why continue asking for referrals in a way that makes both you and your potential referrer uncomfortable? Why not upgrade your referral process to something that is profitable, nonthreatening, and helpful to others?

What if there was a way to meet people who actually want to refer you to your Big Three?

What if you had a method to significantly increase your referral source’s confidence in you and reduce his or her risk of referring you?

What if he or she thought it was more valuable to refer you, rather than your competition, to their best clients and contacts?

Well, there is! And it’s all within the pages of this little book. You can forever change how you obtain referrals and get introduced over and over again to your Big Three–your very best clients, referral sources, and opportunities. In the process, you can strengthen and enhance your relationships with those who refer you.

What Others Are Saying:

“As a networking junkie who is building a ‘house of business cards’ I found Hank Frazee’s Referral Upgrade one of the best short volumes on how to develop and maintain long term relationships both personal and business. I recommend it most highly to anyone who wants to build their client base and improve their networking skills.”

Samuel K. Freshman, Chairman, Standard Management Company, Chairman, SPIRE (Stanford Professionals in Real Estate)


“I think that your concept of the interview is a stroke of genius and allows you to get to know your prospects and referral sources to share things with you in a non-invasive manner that helps you to help them. I am reading and rereading portions of it and underlining it as I go. Thanks for sharing it with me.”

John Griffin, SSG Financial Group

“Hank’s book is a must read for anyone in financial services. No one likes prospecting but Hank offers easy to follow step-by-step directions to help you find your ideal client day after day, week after week. His material and approach is well thought out, concise and, most importantly, it works! No cold calling, no cold canvassing, just smart marketing.”

Andrew M. Ziskin, AXA Advisors, Los Angeles, California

“I love Hank’s new book! The message is unique, clear and important, and it applies to everyone. I have been carrying the book around with me reading it, re-reading it, annotating it, and incorporating it into my life. I plan to make it one of the books I buy for all of my friends and family. Hank’s list of questions is helpful for any conversation. We are all very lucky Hank took the time to share his life story and his wonderful wisdom. Reading this book will make a huge difference in the lives of its readers. Thank you, Hank Frazee, from the bottom of my heart!”

Mike Reid, Director, Asia Pacific, Safari Books Online

“Just read Hank’s book for the third time, gave it out to my associates and received great feedback on its unique ideas!!!! Hearing from a top producer on referrals and not a consultant lends credibility to his words. Thanks, Hank, for giving back.”

Robert E. Walker, CLU, ChFC, CEO of Wealth Cornerstones, General Agent, Ohio National

“If you want to live your dreams, one of the best ways to do that is to help others to live theirs. This beautiful book will show you how you can do that every day, and find your very best clients in the process.”

Mary Morrissey, Speaker, bestselling author and founder of LifeSOULutions

“As Hank Frazee says in his book, Referral Upgrade, ‘referrals are the lifeblood of any successful business.’ In the book, Hank gives us a unique methodology that will earn us more referrals by utilizing the most effective means of initiating a business or strategic relationship. The wisdom in these pages offers insight into the giving mindset that is necessary in any healthy relationship. If one of your goals for your business is to experience growth through referrals and key relationships, this book was written for you. Thanks, Hank!”

Michael J. Andrada, Financial Consultant, AXA Advisors, Retirement Benefits Group

“Referrals are currency in business, an asset that very few people utilize strategically. From the moment you start reading this book, you’ll discover a simple process that can transform the way you get clients to come to you, and you’ll have the capability to reach your very best opportunities and relationships. This will help you truly develop an E.L.F.™ business (Easy, Lucrative and Fun™).”

Joe Polish, President and Founder, Genius Network and

“In Referral Upgrade, Hank Frazee gives us a refreshing, effective, practical way to upgrade our referred lead prospecting. After describing the inherent weakness of the traditional method of obtaining referrals, Hank takes us on the journey which evolved into a system where people actually want to give referrals. Hank’s method is revolutionary because it requires an attitude shift for the salesperson. On the other hand, it’s very practical because Hank outlines a step-by-step process to get the referrals you want and deserve. Hank’s phenomenal success is proof that his method works. Throughout the book, you cannot escape Hank’s attitude toward people, in general, and business, in particular. As Hank says in his chapter on persistence, ‘We are here to help one another.’”

Mark Bugli, CLU, ChFC , Director of Advanced Life Marketing Total Financial & Insurance Services, Inc.

“It has been truly a pleasure reading this book! Thank you so much, Hank, for helping to illustrate the right perspective fora young upstart getting into the business. God bless.”

Bart Burson, Life Insurance Agent

“Hank Frazee gets it! He has done the heavy lifting for all of us who depend on new prospects to grow our businesses. Read this book, and you’ll heat up your business and get real results.”

Royce Imhoff, Business Development, Lion Street, Inc.


“In Referral Upgrade, Hank Frazee changes the game by providing a powerful new framework to teach salespeople everywhere how to spend their time in front of their best customers. A crucial new addition to the discussion of the art of the sale.”

Dan Sullivan, President and Founder of Strategic Coach®

“I’ve read lots of books on referrals. Hank’s book is different… [He] lays out strategies that encourage other advisors to want to refer you. In my 48 years in this business, this is one of the best books I’ve read on this subject. Try Hank’s approach. It works.”

Gene Mahn, CLU, ChFC, MDRT Past President